I have been told a love story
It was so beautiful
I try to make it fit mine
But it doesn’t I’m sorry

I haven’t felt real love yet
Of course I have in my dreams
The word says it’s much better in real life
Longs for it, not like it’s about to, it seams

I know I have been wrong at times
And as has they
Hope it won’t be all goodbyes
Have to be patient, and then some day…

My love, for love is so great
In love with the thought of being in love
Disappointments is of what I’m afraid
It means so much to me

Just to feel the touch of someone
That loves me deep deep inside
That could end everything undone
From love no one should ever dare to hide

Just to cry of happiness
Of the joy of having found the one
I will not settle for less
If it means ending up all alone