My Mistake

He knew what he wanted
He could almost reach out and touch it
If only life hadn’t come in his way
Now he’s just old and gray

The dream of his were so near
But yet so far away
His expectations were too high
Instead of making it reality, he made it a lie

And I don’t care
Even if I know he deserve it
It was something he said
He made me feel like I was nothing
Like I was nobody and he would be everybody

He only saw his dream
Not at all what was right in front of him
Love, a loving heart that could have been forever
And he threw her in the trash with everyone else

I envy nothing of yours
I envy nothing of what you might become
You stepped on my life like dirt
You talked like I had no dreams of my own
And you didn’t even know what you did
You only see yourself

And I saw love
Us together
But it was all fake
My mistake.