My Best Friend

I’d like to have a chat with you
Not sure what about
I know that doesn’t matter
Cause as soon as we get together
We will talk all night

We’ll start talking over coffee
About light and easy subjects
We both feel very comfortable
In the company of one another

Later we’ll turn to red wine
I relax a bit more
I want to show you more of me
My deepest desires
My secrets out of hiding
We talk about good times
Talking about bad times
We laugh and cry
We connect

I might even tell you what my poetry is really about
If I dare to open up that much
You will make me feel I can
Because you are my best friend

At the end of the day I sit and stare
As I do not have this friend with whom I can share
All these thoughts and feelings within me
But picture him in my mind is easy
It’s better than nothing at all
Believe me