The Torn 2006

She’s bleeding from the thorn
The rose falls from her hand
It lies here on the grave
The early one from her husband

She cries and lies down
The stone is so cold
She feels the letters carved in.
Forever to have and to hold

She falls asleep and dreams
Darkness falls, she wakes up
She’s been here all day
Why not stay

She lies looking at the stars
Her heart breaks
Her heart bleed
Oh, here come the tears

She cries out his name
He’s long gone
From her and everyone
The sorrow kills her

She’s bleeding from the thorn
In a quick move she move her hand
The rose is as pretty as before
The same as her husband

And she sees him...
In a white light right there
Smiling, crying, heartbroken
Oh my dear
Don’t you fear..
I’ll look after you
Just as I used to do