Not True

No it can’t be true
The silence you left behind
No it cannot be true
The sadness behind my eyes

Is it a morbid Aprils fools…?
In June…?
No I will not believe it’s true
Now I cry for you

You were about to raise the magic again
Instead you left the world, in a heartbreaking pain
No I cannot understand
The entertainer of all time has passed

No it cannot be true
Because I have never met you
And I was going to, I’m sure
No it cannot be true

I mourn the man
Not the music
As the music are still here
The man is up there

The lover of life
That was you
The lover of the living
That was you
The lover of fun and play
That was so you
The giving
It was always you

Don’t leave the land of fairies,
for they will miss you too much
Don’t leave the world of hopes and dreams,
for it will be a greatly loss

You promised to live forever
Please make this better
I loved you so
I can never let you go