The Path I Have Chosen

The path I have chosen
Made me still and frozen
I never knew it would
And it’s partly my own fault

Should I carry on?
Till I fail…?

Because you scare me so
I’m so frightened of you
You with all your ideas
And me with all my fears


And my opinions are not really real
They are not really right
And with all the books of opinions
You make me study all night
Until I get it right
So I can fit in
To the worlds of which I’m stuck within

And the things I really thought was true
Are not really facts
You question the things I say
And put me back in my cage…

Like a dog…

And there I can bark all I want
But you can’t really hear me
Because you really don’t want to
I will never let you defeat me
You might suppress me or deceive me
But my integrity can never be taken from me
I’ll be barking loud until you hear me

But now that all the brain wash is over
I am the product of your fancy factory
I am the robot of society
And I will shake your hand politely

And As I leave
I’ll be just like you

And you

And you…

And we’ll all get along just fine.