Am I not missing to you?

The grave is really deep
Itís really dark
And you dug it for me
In lifeÖ

Am I not missing to you?

You dug me a deep dark grave
In place of your love and embrace
And I have to make do with that darkness
As you wonít have anything to do with me

Denial and BetrayalÖ
Foolish little girl, stupid little girl
Youíre just an obligationÖ
He will flee, for unknown reasons

Hey!! Am I not missing to you?

Oh these walls, these walls youíve raised
Let me in, let me in.
Let me break them down for you
And I promise to forgive your mistakes.

I see you everywhere, and it hurts
As I know itís not you and it stings
Every day it stings, itís so sad
Am I not right to be mad?

Because Iím mad at you, Iím damn mad at you!
What happened that you didnít choose me?
Canít you see Iím missing?

Am I not missing to you?

Am I not lost?

I have tried havenít I?
So goodbye
I canít fight it anymore so Iíll let it be
Youíll just never get to know meÖ