Ghostly Sound

Ghostly sound...

Let the violins play these moody tones
I’m in between worlds, just on the border
And now you have to go and interrupt me
So I go fully in to the real
Only for a while though
Because my mind can’t tolerate this for too long

Ghostly whisper…

It’s in me
When I’m in my mind I can fly
I can run I can scream I can cry
I can be all I really wanted
But to me, the world deny
I look in the mirror to figure out who is looking back

Ghostly fog…

I stand on the road, just in the middle of it
My arms are open like I’m about to fly
And I do, I fly, to the end of the world and I stay
Though it’s cold it’s not home, and here I might be free
Of my nightly terrors that’s deceiving me
Of my deceiving reality that’s tormenting me

Ghostly voice…

I disappear for weeks though you never missed me
I haven’t been anywhere and I were never lost
I have never been broken, means I’m all right
I look at you with this serious expression in my eyes
And you look back with a smile...
“you look tired... why don’t you lay down for a while?”

Ghostly dreams…