Dont Go Home

I follow you where ever you go
Neither to harm you, nor to put you in pain
Iím here to protect you
But Iím screaming in vain

Donít go home
Go anywhere else
Donít be alone
Go to a friendís place

Iím not able to ever interfere
Only to watch and hope youíll see my signs
Appearing for your eyes then to disappear
Hoping youíll get scared of this uncommon sight

Donít go home
Itís not safe
Someoneís there
Go anywhere

I have never worked as hard
To make you see the signs I brought
Should this happen, it would tear my heart in pieces
Itís my job to keep you safe, I canít bear the thought

Donít go home
See the signs
Donít go home
Stay alive
I appear for your eyes
In your coffee shop, as a drunken fool
Youíll believe my lies
I wonít leave, unsuccessfully try and stall you

Donít go home
Donít be alone
Donít go home
Wait till their gone

As you lock up, I make the lock stuck
But you get it, and make it to the car
But the car wonít start
I made sure of that

Donít go home
Canít you see my signs?
Iím trying to reach you
Iím out of my mind

Youíre numb to me, like youíre on morphine
I canít do much more than I already have
Soon fate will decide the scene
Iím so ripped up inside, Iím so sad

Donít go home. You can change this; you can survive
Youíre smarter than all the others combined
I love you so much, on me youíll always rely
I have been too vague in reflecting the signsÖ

Youíre home, and you realize
Someoneís been here tonight
Iím screaming in your ear, donít go inside
It WILL be; what I tried to prevent all night.

Inside everything is a mess, all things trashed
But youíre safe from what ever happened here
As itís silent, oh luckily you came in last
I hear you on the phone ďI have been robbed I fearĒ

My dear child Iíll protect you always
Hope somehow youíll know it
As I am your blood, Iím always by your side
As I can only be; In spirit, cause Iím not alive.