Heel Me

Feels like headache
Might be the hair dye
I went with a different color this time
I want to be someone else for a while

I might have done you wrong somewhere
Somewhere along our time
And still you just stand there
Stand there and look so enchanted

I canít stand my fears
And I canít face them
Theyíre still here
And I canít fight them

Iíll never be free
Free of the judgmental
Free of the perfect being
Deep down all are just elemental

I can whisper ďwhyĒ in the air
And get nothing back
I can try and ask you
And Iíll get ďwhy what?Ē

In my mirror Iím so perfect
On pictures not that much
Iím a mysterious girl
To others not more than them

Stay with me
But Leave me alone
Iím still lost
I canít fight it anymore