My little fairytale

I know a little fairytale, but I’ll keep it to myself
I keep it in the book, up there on the shelf
You gaze at it, but it don’t matter though
It’s so high that you can’t reach, but don’t get low.

Badly you want it, my little fairytale
But you can’t reach that high up on the shelf.
You beg me to take it down, but it’s for your own good
I’ll keep it from you, and never let you look

You see; my little fairytale…
Make your face scary-looking and pale
Only cause your lack of imagination
And you wouldn’t handle the story’s tension

My little fairytale is one of a kind
And I won’t share it, with someone that is blind
Blind to the world, blind to misery and pain
You couldn’t get the message, and it would be in vain

Because; my little fairytale…
Are not to be read, too much and everyday
As the words would fade, just a little every time
I want to keep it, only to show one with an open mind

And then, my little fairytale
Are not for you, where everything’s on sale
It’s for all the people, with their hearts in the right place
If someone like that comes along, ill take it down the shelf