Giving Up

So the dust that once was
The dust from the big chase
Has once again settled to the ground
Now it’s silent, almost no sound

Right here, is where it all took place
It’s all over now, but you can hear her cry
Just listen; it’s neither the earth nor the rain
It’s her alone, crying in pain

The devastating feeling of having to accept
That what ever she’ll chase, she will never get
Now accepting her life as it is
Is heart breaking now, but she will find her bliss

It might take weeks, years even decades
But in time, she will be numb
Numb to the dreams and feelings that once was
She longs for it, to be completely empty of loss

The loss of her hopes and dreams
You would never know
But it’s the same thing, as loosing someone you love
Just let her grieve, let her give up…

What’s important is that she will live
Maybe not the way she intended
But even still…
Going through things in life won’t ever kill