Revengeful, Regretful, Hopefully Peaceful

She never knew, he had his eyes fixed on her
She would be his victim, she already were
He held her down, his knee on her chest
She fought back only to increase his grip

Now she lied there, without breath, without soul
And by then, he was sitting terrified by this icing howl
It came from the house, where she had died in his pleasure
He had created a thing, he could never begin to measure

Her strength and power were unbelievable
To his terror, she had become invincible
His guardian angels, she had haunted away
Nothing to protect him, as bedded he had to lay

He couldn’t believe it, he never planned this.
Everywhere and around him, he felt her hiss
Her anger vas obvious, cold and resentful
For her to survive, his fear was Essential

Her screams surrounded him
So surreal, his vision got dim
Haunting him haunting your sleep
You’ll never get rid of me

I will be at your side
Tormenting your living life
Until you’ll plead hell for salvation
As it’s the only relief in that relation

At night I’m your shadow
Your dreams; I have haunted away
Now only nightmares made by me
Will be all you’ll ever get to see

Have you not chosen hell yet?
I pushed you as far as you can get, don’t you regret?
Now I realize my struggle was for nothing
Although I made you scared, you don’t regret your doings

I might only have made you insane instead
Now I have made a beast myself
It wasn’t intended, I’ve got to leave
If only the angles will have me.