The Neverland Valley Poem

I wonder what has happened here
Its surely not good things I fear
But look to the very far end of your Ranch
She's not dying, only dreaming of your dance

She's dreaming of things that once were
A water balloon fight, which every now and then would occur
The hopes and dreams, and the magic of your giving tree
It was a place of relief, for all children to run free

But Tinkerbell's pixie dust has now settled to the ground
The happy thoughts from all the children,
has not yet been found
Neverland has lost its children,
and all the magic is almost gone
But it could be alive again, as early as the Break of dawn

Just say you believe in her, and she will bring back the magic
She can only just bear one emotion at a time;
you know how she's fragile
You need to give her the feeling of joy,
and then Neverland will fly again
She will spread her dust above the valley,
and the magic will remain

Don't leave the land of fairies, for they will miss you too much
Don't leave the valley of hopes and dreams,
for it will be a greatly loss
Now look at her light; is it not getting brighter?
She miss the magic, you know she's a fighter.

Be careful where you place your foot
Getting to her is a bit difficult
She's sleeping hidden from all the beasts
But you can pick her up, and tell her, 'I believe'