Itís in slow motion in my head
Iím watching from a distance
Youíre running the wrong way
Towards the danger, towards death

But youíre running from the fears
That whatís driving your feat
You donít see whatís ahead
Not entirely evil, but mean as hell

I canít do anything about it
Iím in this too; I found a place to hide
But I feel seconds as hours
My head full of fears so crowded

Your eyes with a moment of relief
As you get further away
Still not knowing what to come
You think youíre out of the heat

I have to cover my head
I donít need this in my nightmares
I feel selfish, as you wonít even dream again
I run to save you instead

I now have to fear nothing
Iíll be brave for you
Iíll save you
So I get up cursing and screaming

But as Iím running there screaming I realize I forgotÖ
I look back at my hiding, can I take the chance?
Now every minute feels like one split second
Too lateÖ
I got both of us shot