My fairytales

My fairytales rarely ends happily
I’d rather have happy endings in reality
My fairytales often end in grief
In reality most of the time I feel relief

This pen often writes about sadness and pain
Truth is, reality has not made me insane
The evil queen, the trolls and spelled woods
They make my mind filled with these adventures moods

I have no desire to let them fill me whole
It would blacken my world, it’s not my goal
With only my thoughts and feelings, would go insane
But I still got sense of reality, what makes me stay sane

I will show you my fairytales just for a while
But first you’ll have to walk a thousand mile
You have to slaughter three dragons and save the princess
And by then I will show you this world of greatness

If you do not complete this quest…

You have failed!
And by then without you, the ship has sailed
You’ll be left alone in a place between
The two worlds of witch you have never really seen

Once upon a time a poet gone insane
Only from all the writing about death and pain.